General Training Questions

General Training Questions

General Training Questions


What training services do you offer?

Copilot Academy, LLC is proud to offer Puppy Obedience, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Therapy Training, Service Dog Training and Behavior Rehabilitation Training for dogs with fear, anxiety or aggression. You can see the full line of services offered by Copilot Academy here.

What is your training method?

Copilot Academy, LLC uses a variety of techniques to shape your dog’s obedience. Our diverse experience, and training methods use a combination of food, toys and praise to help motivate your dog during training. Various training collars may be used temporarily as a tool to help discourage unwanted behaviors. All training is conducted with your dog’s best interest in mind by using calm, assertive, fair and consistent techniques.

How long are your training sessions?

Puppy lessons are 60 minutes each. Basic and Advanced obedience lessons are 90 minutes for the first session and 60 minutes for all other sessions.

Can my children attend training sessions?

Yes of course! Children are welcome and encouraged to come and interact with training. Dogs should see everyone as a pack leader. Games can be integrated into training so that appropriate aged children can interact with your dog’s obedience. If your child is too young to interact, then they are still welcome to attend sessions. Keep in mind that training sessions are information packed, so you might want to consider getting child care if you are unable to dedicate 100% of your attention to the training session.

Where are the training sessions held?

The beauty of mobile training is that the sessions can be held just about anywhere! Training can occur inside your home where the problem behaviors present themselves, at dog approved stores or high distraction environments to include parks.

At what age should my dog be in order to start private lessons?

We would like to start formally training your dog no earlier than 10 weeks of age. All dogs should receive training from the moment you integrate them into your home, however, 10 weeks is a great age to start. Any earlier and most puppies want to sleep through the training sessions. 

How much time should I spend training each day with my dog?

Goal is to keep training fun. Focus on short and frequent training sessions with your dog. The more time you invest in training them on a daily basis, the faster your dog will start to understand what is expected of them. Each dog learns at a different rate. We recommend at least 5 to 10 mini sessions a day (2-10 minutes each session).

Do you offer off leash treadmill training?

Yes! Treadmill training should not replace a walk, but can be a life saver on rainy days or days that you get off work late. Off leash treadmill training ensures your dog’s safety, which is paramount! Contact us today to see what solutions Copilot can offer your family.

Where do I purchase the training equipment?

Training collars and 30 foot long lines used for distance work and recall can be purchased the day of your first training lesson from Copilot Academy. Place beds would need to be purchased on your own. We offer recommendations on the day of your consultation and at your first lesson.

What is important to know for training?

Training is a lifestyle change. Consistency, patience, follow through and persistence is key in order to achieve your goals.

My dog is stubborn or older, can they still learn obedience?

Yes of course! Increased amounts of patience may be needed on your part, but all dogs have the ability to be trained. We have proven just that! Check out some of our training videos on our home page, or YouTube here!

We are expecting a baby! Do you offer training that educates owners on how to integrate a baby into the home with a dog(s)?

Yes! We have a lot of experience working with expecting families and families that have children. We have children ourselves! We would be happy to communicate all of the knowledge we have in order to provide you and your family with a smooth transition from the hospital once your bundle of joy arrives.

Are consultations free?

Yes, if attended at Purser Family Park in Harker Heights, TX. If you would like an in home consultation 15 miles or further outside of the above listed park, then there will be a $45 convenience fee plus a standard GSA travel rate of $0.57 per mile round trip charge.