10 Weeks To 5 Months Old

  • How to read your puppy’s body language
  • Socialization and techniques
  • Basic commands (sit, down, stay, heel, come and many more!)

Success start with forming a strong obedience foundation as a puppy. Start your puppy off on the right path by taking an active role in training your new Copilot. 



Does your dog…

  • Pull on a leash?
  • Jump on you?
  • Bolt out the door?
  • Counter surf?
  • Restrict you from enjoying time with them off leash?

Customized 60 to 90 minute private lessons make training fun, fast, and effective.



  • Stress about what your dog will do?
  • Avoid walks because of your dog’s behavior?
  • Feel overwhelmed and uncertain?
  • Worry that your dog’s bite history will continue?
  • Feel like your dog will lunge or growl when approached by another dog or person?

Copilot’s Red Zone Dog program is designed especially for you with focus on aggression, anxiety, and leash reactivity.

14, 21 or 28 DAY BOARD AND TRAIN


  • Top 10 obedience commands (Sit, down, stay, heel, sit at stop, come, place, no, leave it and kennel)
  • All-inclusive socialization with people, places, animals
  • Anxiety, aggression, and multiple trainings per day with head trainer

“I highly recommend Copilot Academy to anyone I meet. My husband and I were new dog owners that rescued a 4 yr old GSD and didn’t know where to begin. Natalie was able to get us scheduled with our amazing trainer Hannah and the rest was fate. We learned how to be better dog owners. Through private training and group classes our dog, Ada, learned how to be less reactive and is now advanced in her obedience. She’s come out of her shell so much and we couldn’t be happier”

– Erin & Dan Kelly

Copilot literally changed my life. My dog was unbearable. I could not do anything with him, not even play with him without being bit or scratched. I was at my last straw. Trainer Hannah was patient and very informative. She helped me understand what needs we both needed. I can now take my dog in public, play with him and even off leash walk him”

Gabriella Abelowitz

“My 3y/o Labrador/Husky mix, Finn, and I started training with Copilot as soon as we moved to TX and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Natalie is extremely knowledgeable and was patient with Finn when he was being stubborn or having a down day; no matter what, she always made the most of each lesson to prepare me to work with Finn on my own. I have noticed a drastic, positive change in Finn since beginning training and I couldn’t be happier with the relationship I have built with him. I feel confident in my ability to continue building on these skills and have an increased sense of trust to go with him on more off leash hikes. Again, Natalie was fantastic. From opening up her home for dog play dates to personalized homework following each lesson, she did it all and then some. I’d recommend Copilot Academy to anyone with a dog, no matter the age or breed. You’re in good hands with Natalie and her team of trainers.”

– Steven Cromer

“Hailey has been an amazing trainer! Remi began as a very shy puppy, but with every class Hailey understood how to best work on Remi’s confidence and never pushed her too much. By our last sessions, Remi was practically running into the building with excitement for her class. Hailey has been very flexible with our work schedules and I could tell she genuinely wanted the best for Remi. I am very grateful towards her and Copilot Academy.”

– Jannelle Nunez